Tulou, Se ‘u Volavola Mada Vakavavalagi…

I woke up this morning and after a short prayer peeked outside only to find the sky had grown dark and gloomy. A reflection perhaps, of events of the past week. I shielded my body from the cold wind as the morning breeze blew against my skin, put on my flip-flops and made my way down to the bread shop.

The nurses had gone on strike followed by the Fijian Teachers Association who were joined by the Viti Taukei Union and Public Employees Union, all pushing for a re-instatement of their pay. The Regime on the other hand, led by it’s leader, the self-appointed Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, has refused to budge. The country has no money he says, echoing the Minister of Finances once strong and stern voice. I remember hearing ‘we will root out corruption’ and ‘it will be a peaceful transition’, ‘for the good of all’, the reason given ‘because the country has no money’ under the deposed government. Now the country really has no money. Sadness overwhelmed me as I thought of the inevitable- economic standstill or collapse even. And the ensuing chaos is something I would not wish my mind to ponder so much upon.

Gone is the overconfident, overbearing, and in many ways harsh if not arrogant and rude voice of the Commander, as the roar of that once majestic lion diminishes to almost a whimper of a simple domestic cat, a mirage only of its former self, yet a revelation of what is yet to come. Arrogance and cockiness has finally given way to cluelessness, almost absentmindedness, as reality settles in and military personnel realize they have been following a mad man, a murderer blinded by revenge, a leader who does not know the way. Soon they will all fall into a ditch. Even as I blog, the earth under their feet has started to give way.

In this seemingly misguided, to say the least, country of easily swayed military puppets or puppies for that matter, a.k.a coup apologists, who are not bothered at all whether their neighbour gets beaten to death for having an opinion contrary to that of the Regime, the desire to see the humiliation of the i Taukei and the institutions that hold them together like the GCC and NLTB seems to be the underlying desire and reason for military support and propaganda. The systematic offensive aimed at the destabilization of the Fijian structure has been met with almost a round of applause from a majority of non-Fijians and foreigners living in Fiji. Yet, in their divisive plots and in their eagerness to see this happen, they have left out of the equation the most important part of Fijian life, culture, and blood. They have forgotten all about God. For in Him alone we, the i Taukei, live and breath. And in Him we rest our hope and trust.

Tonight as I finish off, I thank the Lord for the courage. I hope you will be encouraged to have courage. Looking forward to another thoughtful morning. Maroroi kedaru na Turaga.

p.s. Ni vosoti au ni sa dede au qai volavola tale.


2 Responses to “Tulou, Se ‘u Volavola Mada Vakavavalagi…”

  1. fuggedaboutit Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu ‘I Taukei’. Au vakabauta talega na ka iko sa tukuna tiko i cake, e sa na yaco mai dina e dua na gauna voleka.

    Dau vakalougatataka na nomu bula.

  2. Kaiviti Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu “Na Wekaqu” the truth will always prevail and win in the end. The writing is already on the wall for this people, they know it and they are already on God”s blacklist, they cannot escape. God is a God of JUSTICE. Looking forward to hear from you. God bless.

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